WhatsApp !! A most popular messaging app for android as well as other platform.  Even any people buy a smartphone then they first install WhatsApp, me also. Because peoples are  as much addicted that they can not stop himself to send a message to their friends, girlfriend, family etc. I’m trying to explain the importance of WhatsApp in the life of people.

How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Chat History 

Some times it happens that people just deleted their chat history from whatsapp and after that they find it’s importance. I also have faced the same problem once in my life and i decided to find the solution of that. In today article I’m going to show you how to restore deleted whatsapp conversation and media attachment. You only need to follow these simple steps to recover your whatsapp chat history.


This article is divided in two parts:

#1- Retrieve deleted whatsapp messages from android without backup.

#2- Restore lost whatsapp chat history from android.

Moving to part #1:

How to Retrieve deleted whatsapp messages from android without backup

If your WhatsApp chat history is just deleted intentionally then you can retrieve your conversation easily by using Gihosoft Software tool.

Gihosoft is a free android data recovery tool you can retrieve all your data such as messages, contacts, music and photos from your android device.


Download Gihosoft Software tool from this link.


How to restore deleted whatsapp chat history

Select whatsapp for recovery in the mentioned section.

Once you started the WhatsApp recovery Android tool, you will be asked to select file types to recover, hit on “WhatsApp” option from there.


Connect your android device with your computer/PC.

How to restore deleted whatsapp chat history-2

Make sure you have checked in USB Debugging option from developer mode.


Now Start analyzing and scanning WhatsApp files on Android
The analyzing process may take a few minutes, please be patient. The less files on your Android device, the shorter will be the scanning process.

How to restore deleted whatsapp chat history-3


Now Restore WhatsApp messages or photos on Android When scanning is finished, all the WhatsApp related files will be listed on left panel. Please preview and select scanned results for recovery. All the restored Android WhatsApp messages will be exported to PC in CSV and HTML format. The WhatsApp attachments such as photos, music, video etc will be showing original format.

Now you are done with your recovery process.

Moving on second part of this WhatsApp Chat History recovery method.

Restore lost whatsapp chat history from android. 

How to Restore Recent WhatsApp Messages from Android (within a week)
If the WhatsApp messages you need to restore is deleted or lost within seven days, it would be simple to get them back. Please try to:
STEP-1. Uninstall WhatsApp from Android
STEP-2. Reinstall WhatsApp on Android phone
How to restore deleted whatsapp chat history-4STEP-3. Click “Restore” when you get message “would you like to restore your message history from backup?”

How to Retrieve Old WhatsApp Chat History from Android (More than a week)

If you want to restore your chat conversation which are older tha one week then you only need to follow these simple steps.

STEP-1. Uninstall WhatsApp.
STEP-2. Go to backup folder, the default path is: /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases.
From the backup file extension, you can easily figure out when each backup copy is made.
STEP-3. Rename “msgstore.db.crypt” to “newestmsgstore.db.crypt”, in case your latest message backup getting lost.
STEP-4. Select the backup file that you want to restore. Please choose the date before you accidentally deleted or lost WhatsApp messages.
STEP-5. Rename selected file to from “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8” to “msgstore.db.crypt”.
How to restore deleted whatsapp chat history-5


STEP-6. Reinstall WhatsApp. When it asks you to restore, please click Restore.


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