Android has brought massive entertainment to people. If you want to know how to install terrarium tv on Roku TV then read this guide carefully. Before going through the installation process, let me tell some features of Terrarium TV and Roku TV.

Terrarium TV is an Android application which lets users download and watch terrarium tv app on android for free of cost. In the recent version of the terrarium tv has got lots of new features. If you don’t want to pay anything but watch Netflix¬†videos then terrarium tv has added a separate category for this. You can watch premium Netflix videos and Hulu videos from this app.

Terrarium TV For Roku

terrarium tv roku

Terrarium TV is an android application which supports all those devices which are running over or above Android 4.0. Roku TV is also a Smart TV which using the same operating system but unfortunately, there is no official announcement of terrarium tv for Roku smart devices. Though, you can watch all terrarium tv videos on Roku TV by following these steps.

How To Install Terrarium TV On Roku Device?

Steps to install terrarium tv on Roku is extremely simple but you need to take some important care while trying these steps. Please follow along with me-

  • Turn your Wifi ON– The very first step to install terrarium tv on Roku is, enable your Wifi internet connection. Make sure you are using a high-speed internet connection to watch terrarium tv videos.
  • Connect Roku & Android Phone to Wifi– Now you need to connect both the devices with the same wireless network. If you connect it to two different networks, you can’t watch terrarium tv videos on Roku TV.
  • Download Terrarium TV Apk– The next step is, download terrarium tv apk on your Android phone and install it manually. If you don’t know how to install it, please follow this guide.
  • Open Settings- Once you have done with the installation of terrarium tv app on your Android phone, go to settings and select cast settings.
  • Select Cast Screen– In the display settings of your device, select Cast Screen option.
  • Enable Wireless Display– Go to more and select wireless display. Now enable this option and head over to connected devices and select Roku.

That’s it. Now you’ll be able to watch all terrarium tv videos on your Roku Smart TV. Just launch terrarium tv on your Android phone and choose the category. Select the movies or videos name which you want to watch and stream it.


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