I’m not a professional blogger, I’m not a legend in blogging, I’m not carrying huge experience but YES I love blogging, I love to learn new thing,  I love to do experiments. I have started my first blog in March 2015. On the start of my first blog there was no zeal to make money. The only thing was that started to motivate is “I also should have a .com website” .

I love to write poetry and for those poetry I need a platform to share it with world that is a reason to start my blog. As the time gone I got passionate to learn more in blogging. Now the things comes in my mind that “How to aware the people about my website? “.

Firstly I stared promoting my blog with my Friends and relatives but it was not enough for me (Because I always hungry for more). So next it comes to new term in my knowledge SEO. Yes I was new term for me but as I already discussed that I always hungry for more in Knowledge and New Things also. Initially I was don’t know the full form of SEO. I Google it & got full form. I speak to my friend about this term who helped me to setup my domain and initial management of my website. He explained me about SEO. I’m very thankful to him who always support me. I started learning about Search Engine Optimization and applying it to my site. On teachers day one of my poetry ranked on Top 2nd position. As passion and patience are very necessary for success.

So it was time to monetization. As I have expend huge time in learning so I was aware about many new things. I had applied my first AdSense  and it was not accepted so again I applied for it after few days & it got approved. You can also check my article before about how to get fast AdSense approval.

So I placed my AdSense code on that blog which are ranking on  Teacher’s day and earned first time by my blog. This motivated me to work hard and earn more.

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How to Start Event Blogging

Now coming to our todays topic How to start a event blog? On Facebook profile & WhatsApp my inbox got huge message about How can I start event blogging. So today I decided to share this case study with you.

So first of all I’m explaining from basics that how I decided to this event blogging. In 2016 SEO got changed, many updates released by Google. Ranking in 2016 needs really very huge effort. So it was the month of January and after one month Valentine week going to start. Yes really very big event and huge searches are there for whole week. Now I’m going to start step by step procedure to start an event blog.


Steps to start Event Blogging

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Keyword Research:

First part come to Keyword research. Very clear cut idea should be in your mind that on which Keyword you want to rank? So I did keyword research for this event blogging. I decided to choose low competitive and high search volume keywords. As whole blogging industry was targeting Valentine’s day and started very early. I looked on Google that many year older site are ranking on first page of Google, so defeating them was very difficult in short duration.

So I chosen Propose day to blog. I got few of keywords “Propose day sms”  “ Propose day wishes” & “Propose day shayari”. I looked in to google for competition and found cool. For keyword research I used Google Keyword Planner only (My favourite tool).

Domain Selection:

So I decided to choose EMD (Exact Match Domain) for this event. I look in to Bigrock for “proposedaysms.com” and it was available. Availability of .com was another indication for me that no one doing hard work or less competition for this particular keyword. So I choose this domain from bigrock and setup it on blogger. I have already written a detailed article about how to setup custom domain from bigrock to blogger.


Posting Article:

The next part comes to publishing article on your blog. Not only a article I would forcefully say that SEO Optimized article. Yes in SEO content is key and you should have properly On Page optimized article. For more detail about ON PAGE OPTIIZATION check an article on Backlinko by Brain Dean. I think this is great article about SEO optimized post.

So in month of January I have posted around 5 well optimized article. As it was the month of January & my GATE examination was 30 January so I stopped to work on it. As my exam over on 30 Jan. I again get back to this and posted around 16 Keyword rich article till the event.



As I have well optimized On page articles so it need some Off page effort also and backlink is really very matters for event blogging. So I started building links for my blog. I have included my keywords for anchor text. One thing keep in mind while Anchor text, Vary anchor text always. My strategy was to use LSI and relevant keywords to use for anchor.

How to build backlinks for event blogging:

One thing more comes in mind, from where should I get links for event blog? So I have done many methods for link building which I’m going to discuss below.

Blog Commenting:

Yes blog commenting is really great way to build links for event blog. Find some auto approved commenting blogs an place your link there with anchor text or directly (Prefer Anchor text submission because it gives clear cut idea to google bot about what this link is and give a vote for that particular Keyword).

There is two kind of links Do-Follow and No-Follow. Actually Do-follow is beneficial in ranking but No-Follow also helps to drive traffic and to avoid de indexing(Panelise) of your blog. I had maintained good No-Follow and Do-Follow ratio.


Directory Submission:

Another good link building strategy is directory submission. I had find some good directory and submit my blog over there. There are many good Directory list given by Imranuddin on his blog All Tech Buzz.



Responses are also a good method for link building. The most important thing about this is it gives Do-Follow link to your blog and which is a key factor for ranking.

Social Shares:

This is not a link building strategy but it helps definitely your blog for boosting the ranking. Google Plus (+1) matters a lot in ranking and also helps to spread your blogs.


  • So I build around 3500+ backlinks in 4 days only then I reduces its velocity because indexing those links are also necessary.  Now 3 days before of event I daily publish 1 or 2 post and build 200 backlinks only for those posts who were performing well in SERP’s. I thanks to Google who index my backlinks very quickly.


  • Before 2 days of event I updated my articles and my ranking was on top 4 on many of long keyword. I was ranking on 3rd position of Google on keyword “Propose day sms for girlfriend” “Propose day sms for boyfriend” Cute Propose day sms” “ Propose day shayari for gf”

Propose day sms event


Now it’s time for me to focus on others day of valentines also but my Laptop goes to service center and leads to stopped my work. On 16th Feb. I checked my AdSense and it has 345$.


I have done my 100% in these 5 days which gives me very good experience in my life. So I think you can also rock the world with your efforts. Again I want to summarize the whole article to start any event blog. Just go for Keyword Research> Check the Competition> Choose the Keyword> Go for EMD>Post SEO optimized article> Build Links> Update your posts> Give Social Signals> Monetize it> Cheer Now. I think I’m cleared your whole queries about how to start event blogging.



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