How I started my blogging journey?

When I was in 10th standard me and my friends visits to computer lab, in those days access of Internet was not allowed. After my classes first time I reach to cyber cafe in 2008. On those day I aware about only one website . I was searching some news because my father told me that whatever you will search on google you will get perfect answer. In 11th standard my dad gift me a phone (LG-K222) and first time I made my first email i.d on Gmail. On that day I was very happy because I also had a .com type of site. This .com word encourage me to learn more about it. On those days onward I started research about it. In middle of 2009 I created a Orkut account and I use to chat with friends. Later on one of my people told me that we can also chat on Facebook. I’d created my my first Facebook account in Sept. 2011 and on the account summary there is an option to fill the website name. Again I searched about it and found Then I created a blogspot blog in 2012. Now it’s time to choose a branch after engineering competition….. Computer Science was never a option for me because in 11th standard my first computer class was of C++. Now you can imagine about my condition (First day, First Class of C++) even I can not make a good diagram in paint.

So I decided to choose Mechanical Engineering. In second year of engineering on of my CSE friend shared a link of his blog with .com extension. Now again I researched about it and found that there is one domain name registrar provides .com extension. But still I don.t know how to design the whole webpage because there was a matter of coding.

In third year of Engineering that CSE friend joined my hostel and I asked him about his site. He told me this is not a big deal to create a site but what you will do there. I don’t understand what he asking. He asked me about content. I told him I want to publish my poetry over there.

After few days because of semester end he was at home. I asked him about whole procedure. He told me to buy a domain name from because it was of only Rs.99. I bought my first domain in march 2015.

Now it was time to learn the things. I send him screenshot of my domain he setup it and told me to do more research about it. It was happiest moment of my life because I was owner of a .com website. Within few days I published my whole poetry. Many time even I don’t sleep in night for more than 6 month. Now I stared to learn about ranking then first time I heard about SEO.

I researched on google about SEO and everywhere I found that Content is key factor for ranking. Later on I searched many thing about SEO optimized posts, I analysed the posts of different bloggers.

Now I think that why not I should start money making from blog. Now I researched about Google Adsense and applied for my blog, but my application was not approved. I bought another domain and published some quality article over there and then applied, within 7 days my account was approved by Adsense team. On teachers day one of my poetry was ranked and first time I get paid of 151$$ by Google Adsense.

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How to start a blog on blogger?

  • First go to
  • Now login to your account by your existing gmail i.d.
  • Go to start a new blog.

how to start a blog

Choose the title of your blog.

how to start a blog-2

  • Choose the blog address for your blog.

how to start a blog-3

  • Hit on Create blog.
  • You are done!!

In later on article I’ll share you how to redirect your blogspot to any third party domain i.e .com, .in, .net etc.

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