Hey guys welcome to the tricks world. Our team is always working for you to provide best internet tricks, Recharge tricks, Android and Computer tricks. Today we are back with another best Facebook Trick : How to create single name in Facebook ID. Many of people wants their single name in Facebook profile so we have worked on this trick. 
Let’s Begin with this Facebook Trick.
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How to create single name in Facebook ID

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Facebook provides two option to fill up your profile name and generally you must have to fill both the boxes. By this method you can convert your profile name as Single Name.
Example: If can write Prabhakar instead of Prabhakar Yadav 

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Now moving towards single name trick:
If you are from PC/Computer then follow these simple step to change your profile in to single name.

  • First go to setting of your browser.
  • Now go to advance setting of your browser.
  • Go to proxy setting.
  • Now Get Indonesian Proxy List from here
  • In Proxy setting put these proxy and port and save the setting.
  • Now close and open the browser again.
  • Login with your Facebook ID and change account language to Indonesian Bhasa
  • Now Scroll down and go to these path Pengaturan & Privasi > Umum > Nama.
  • Write your First Name and Save it.
Done !! Your Name Has been Changed to Single name. !! Enjoy…


This Facebook trick will best for those who are looking for their single name. We have tried out best regarding this Facebook Single Name Trick. If you find any kind of difficulty then leave your query below this post. 


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