How to crack wifi password- Are you spending too much money in your data pack? Are you downloading whatsapp media daily from your chat history with your own data? Are you really worried about your data pack expenditure?

Colorful WiFi symbol in three dimensional shape

I can better understand about teenage life because we are not getting too much pocket money from family but we are addicted to internet, Facebook, WhatsApp and other purpose. For all those stuff you need to pay huge money because now days price of Data Pack is even more that price of Gold. You don’t believe this but it is truth.

According to a survey it has found that maximum pocket money of teenagers goes in data pack recharges and other phone calls.

After reading this article you will be relax with expenditure of internet packs because I’m going to tell you how you can reduce your expenditure of data pack.

Just think you are opening your smartphone wifi and there is any network which does not have any security password. Wow !! it’s superb….

But in real time most of the Wi-Fi network is protected with password and you always try that how can I crack the wifi network password. Even most of the time you use your Probability & Statistics concept to crack the password of wifi network.

In this article I’m going to tell you how to find out someone wifi password? Yes ! truly I’m telling you step by step procedure to crack someone wifi password.

How to crack wifi password on mobile

If you are using Android smartphone then you only need to follow these simple steps to crack any wifi password.

#1- First go to google play store and download an application in your smartphone. The name of application is Wi-Fi key recovery. This application is free available in play store or you can also download it from the link given below.

Download Wifi Recovery App

#2- This application can only help you to find the wifi password of any network if your phone is rooted. Because root gives the full access of your android phone.

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#3- Once your phone is rooted then give the super user access to this app which give the full access to your phone.

#4- Once you give the super user acceess then it will find the nearest wifi network.

#5- There will be the list of Wi-Fi network with password.

#6- Now just copy or note down the password with network name and connect with it.


Here we were viewing the tutorial for how to crack the wifi password in android. If you like this tutorial then please give the feedback in comment.


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