Samsung, as we know is world’s no. 1 smartphone manufacturing company and retaining this award isn’t an easy task as Samsung people are always working on something new and better, which is not being done any time before. Samsung launched the Note 7, which is company’s last flagship device for this year. So the next big thing coming from the company is the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is set to be launched in the first quarter of 2017. Let us see how the S8 will be better than the current flagship, Galaxy S7.


Samsung launched its Galaxy S7 variants along with LG G5 in this year’s MWC event back in February 2016. LG G5 clearly beats Samsung Galaxy S7 in terms innovation, that’s why this time Samsung is gearing up to make its upcoming flagship model an absolute best compared to the upcoming LG G6 model. Both of these devices are expected to launch in the next year at MWC 2017 event.


Samsung has been going with the qHD display since the launch of the Galaxy S6 and now it might be the time for the company to switch things up a bit. In the Galaxy S8, Samsung might go for a 4K resolution display which will be a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED Display compared to the Galaxy S7’s 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display with qHD resolution. This would directly place Samsung above Apple as iPhone 7 is rumored to have a qHD display as well.


This is one of the most exciting parts of Samsung devices as we have never felt like we need more power. There will be no exception this time also as Samsung is planning to through in the Next gen flagship processor, Snapdragon 830 processor which will be coupled with a 8GB RAM. The current Samsung Galaxy S7 is running on the Snapdragon 820 processor which is coupled with a 3 and 4GB of RAM. The multi tasking experience on the S8 will be a lot better than the S7 because of the ginormous RAM.


Samsung Galaxy S7 has the best camera we have ever seen in a flagship device and with the S8, Samsung is looking forward to make the camera section even better as Samsung is rumored to have developed a dual camera set up which would give you pictures like they have been clicked using a DSLR camera.


Samsung Galaxy S7 was launched in 32 GB variant only but it was also given an option to add in a micro SD card. This feature will also be available in the S8 but the storage of the S8 will also be increased as Samsung is planning to provide a 64 GB base storage variant in the S8.


Samsung has been working really hard behind the curtains. There were days when it was the only manufacturer beside Apple to have a fingerprint scanner fitted in a smartphone. Now it is the only smartphone manufacturer which has fitted an iRiS scanner in a smartphone. Samsung will also be fitting the iRiS scanner in the Galaxy S8 which would let you unlock the device by scanning your retina.

These are all we could take out of the thorough research on Samsung’s new patents and its trends of technology evolution. But time will tell us how much Samsung can actually implement their newly obtained patents into reality in its upcoming flagships.



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