Welcome to best Internet Tricks , PC Tricks, Recharge Tricks World. Here we are sharing a Tutorial on How to Activate Caller Tune on your Mobile Phone for Free of Cost using Wring Free Caller Ringtones Android App.

Before going to download Wring app from Google play store let us discuss some extraordinary features of Wring Free Caller Ringtones App.

How to Activate Free Caller Tune on Smart Phones For Free 

Let us Take a View of Some Special Feature of ” Wring App

  • Wring is a free alternative to paid caller tunes.
  • No need to pay a monthly fee for caller tunes or pay per minute charges for changing your caller tunes.
  • Choose your desired music/song/audio from your playlist and enjoy!
  • You can also customize specific tunes for individual contacts or allow the app to set randomized tunes from your playlist for all outgoing calls.
  • You can change the tunes as many times as you may like.
  • CALL ME TUNE: Treat your friends to something fun while they wait for you to answer the phone.
  • CALL U TUNES: The tune you here when you call someone.
Above we have seen the Feature of “Wring App”.

How to Set Free Caller Tunes without amount

  • Click on the install button.

  • Open the App

  • Go to Menu bar at the top left corner and select Register Call Me Tune option.

  • Enter all the details like mobile number & Email ID. Now select a song by clicking on the Music symbol on the screen and select a song from your Music Store.

  • Then click on Register Details. That’s it with in few seconds your Call Me Tune will be activated.

  • Now, Let’s setup Call U Tunes. CALL U TUNES stop when you speak into the mic. 

  • Go to Menu bar at the top left corner and select Set CallU Tune option.

  • Then click on a particular contact & select song from your Music store which you want to hear when you call to that contact.

  • After selecting a song click on OK button. 

    Within few seconds your Call U Tune option will be activated.
    Now you can enjoy free caller tunes on your smartphone without paying amount. Hope this tutorial will definitely help you to Activate Caller Tune on your Mobile Phone for Free of Cost.

    Note: Please note that for this app to come into function fully both the parties must have installed the app on their phones…


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