Facebook is one of the social media in our modern technology. Already it has provided more chatting techniques like video call, audio call and text message. Still, it tries to deliver some new and different kind of conversational ways to connect the people throughout the world. It endeavors 13 times to succeed with new invention as “snapchat”.Ideas:

Snapchat process has introduced by one specific app link in some other social media also in some of the electronic devices. It could be own of their invention for that particular network. Facebook revealed one entirely different app in which the people can have a conversation similar to the above. It contains a snap of momentary picture.

Levels of improvement:

Facebook has appeared with so many services like SEO, marketing and social media with the process of training and consulting in online lead generation to implement their application provider. It can be in process when the number of signal connection is below or WI-FI is meagre.

Why Facebook? :

Facebook is a multimedia social network, where we can share our private pictures, public posts and also some messages with audio and video facility. In this network, the people are trying to enhance their skills and extend their friends circle by the conversation.

Nowadays it is getting some standard on the internet. Whatever the position everybody trying to know something similarly, whatever the standard level of this social media they are trying to update their application with new inventions. Apart from audio call and video call, this snapchat has some strategies on the Facebook.

Scheme of snapchat:

Facebook has tried till 13th time for snapchat application with it. This is a technique to take resemble of the particular picture’s feature. Nowadays, snapchat demanding very much in the social media. Yet this time, Facebook is forcing some techniques with it.

Alternative technique:

In this current scenario, Facebook has introduced one more new technique named as “called flash app”. It ensures the capacity of 25MB memory on an Android mobile for the Facebook. After that, it creates the image at the size of one third of the snapchat.

About flash:

This is a similar method to snapchat. Brazilian play store has strived to hide our intelligence. There are some data connections also available here to share the information from sender to receiver. Strives of Facebook have changed like snapchat stories, attempted acquisitions, standalone applications and empirical messages.

Features of snapchat:

This snapchat techniques endeavors only in instagram.  This instagram possessed only in the Facebook which actually doing a client requirement job with it. Its index is separated by Google to the clarification of data acquisition.

Whatsapp’s implementation:

At the time of 12th trial, it has found messaging technique like whatsapp. The feature of whatspp implementation was indicated as “providing an unofficial name for status”.

It contains pictures, text messages, stickers etc. This service being available for a full day. Comparing to the whatsapp, snapchat has advanced features like audio as well as video transmission on the internet.

New innovations:

For the new data acquisition, range of 54MB memory capacity on the same phone should be available. Even though application sizes are differing by a device and software version, the memory doesn’t change. It has found that, for the purpose of materializing markets Facebook is trying to accomplish the snapchat.

Feed back:

This is a different kind of service and it is a special strategy where the Flash launched an android in its first market. By all the things, we came to know that the Facebook network is executing a snapchat technique.

Daily users:

In snapchat daily user’s count has exceed than a milestone. Snapchat has clients from U.S and Canada. In the month of February, this Facebook service has divulged with 25 to 30 minutes of the same application.

In the same region, the snapchat user’s are crossed over 175 million people. It has been named as “snap Inc”. It is continuing their work for the next application.

History of snapchat:

Notoriously, last year snapchat has turned up £1.8 million for Facebook. It was shocked by the owners.  Snap chat’s owners are Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. They are the students of Stanford University.

Snapchat vs. Facebook:

Snapchat is used from both instagram and Facebook. But, maximum users are from Facebook only. Among millennial of social application snapchat is a third popular one. The data which is used here is more preferable than the data of twitter, pinterest, vine, Google+ etc.

By using snapchat, we can send multimedia image with the mobile application. But, using the Facebook, having failed to buy out photo messaging app. Now, snapchat is an existing service for technical industry. Facebook is extremely popular with a number of clients. For the competitive application, snapchat will work twice as default. But, Facebook will make single shot or poke. The app which is introduced in the snapchat is called “Flash”.

Expenditure level:

In 2013, made an offer for $3 million on the snapchat. Since this year, application of snapchat has accomplished with Facebook. After two attempts, Facebook has made the application of “snapchat killer”. It took around $7 million in the process of implementation. The program, which is created inside the Facebook is highly secured for snapchat. Facebook has 6o million daily users in U.S. because of this process, the expenditure of data exchange will increase through the network.

Characteristics of snapchat:

The main characteristics of snapchat are its flexibility depends upon the program which is assigned to the specific process. Then, its data transforming ability like multimedia images transformation through this services. According to the current technology, this is an advanced one to share the information.

For example, when the social media like Facebook have failed to transmit the information at the time there will be a failure of poke and single shot. But, at that time we can transmit the message with the help of double shot accessing service like snapchat.

About 13 attempts:

Actually, first 10 attempts got failed due to the reason of some data acquisition. It tried to imitate the images. After that, in the 11th attempt there is a presence of AR lenses in Canada and Brazil. In the 12th time it precedes whatsapp implementation process. After that, on the final trial it invents the service of snapchat which is used to transmit the multimedia messages in the conversation.


Disadvantages of Facebook:

Facebook is working against the worldwide news feed broadcasting. We know all that, over usage of social media will lead to addiction and also the multimedia image transformation can provide increasing amounts of data loss through the network. While coming to the feature, if we are using Facebook messenger for transmitting information from sender to receiver it will deconstruct the text after half an hour. Facebook news feed will run with personal articles. But, in the snapchat we can have impersonal articles. There are no issues with it while sharing the information.

Advantages of snapchat:

Snapchat is not only used by Facebook, it also used by instagram. Data loss through the network is minimum. Snapchat is a photo cloning application as well as constructing stories throughout this service.

Flash with snapchat:

Flash is a software developing platform where we can implement the application of snapchat. It is only available in Brazil. In this kind of software developing player service, easily we can achieve the maximum number of data acquisition. This is otherwise called as macromedia flash or shockwave platform. This platform performs following functions like an Adobe flash builder, Flash develops and Flash catalyst or any text editing functions.


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