Think if you are doing some personal activity in hotel, trail room or office and someone recording your whole activities. Awkward!! Now after reading this article you can easily detect any Hidden/Spy camera from any room or places.

In today’s generation even each and every people have Smartphone. By applying some simple steps you and hide your personal activity. For that you only need to install some app from play store that help you to detect any hidden camera in room, hotels, office, trail rooms or any other places.

How to detect any hidden camera in room?

how to detect spy camera

There are top three hidden camera detector app is available for smartphones:

Hidden camera detector:

This is a very good hidden camera detector available on play store. This app is works on radiation detecting mechanism. This app is designed to reduce the radiation intensity of other electronic devices. This app will be very helpful for spy camera detection.

This app will give a red signal if any hidden camera is there. If you find any red signal on your display then be assured that there is any spy camera present. This app is available on Play Store or you can also download it from here.

Download Hidden Camera Detector

Glint Finder-Camera Detector:

This is another good app for camera detection, it works on retro-reflection mechanism. This app recognizes the lens of any spy camera available in the room. This app is available with free of cost on play store.

Download Glint Finder-Camera Detector

Wireless camera detector:

Wireless camera detector is a small battery powered device which detect the frequency of any hidden camera. If you want to recognize any wireless hidden camera then this app will be really helpful. This app is available on Google Play Store.

Download Wireless camera detector


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