This has become a trend of taking selfie in best way. On every party people love to take selfie with other friends to collect memories with him/her. Candy camera is a good option for selfie lovers which gives best interface and tools with in that to take selfie more attractable with high quality. So today I’m back to put some lights on the features of candy camera application and also candy camera download link. Candy camera available for both Android as well as iphone users.

Candy Camera Download

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Descriptions of Candy Camera app

Name: Candy Camera

Platform: Mobile

Genre: Photography and Editing Tools

Developers: JP Brothers

Candy Camera Download Link for android: Candy Camera Download From Play Store

Candy Camera Download Link for i-phone users: Download candy camera app for i-phone here

Overview of Candy Camera Mobile App

Whenever a person go for any selfie, he looks first on filters option, because if he is not much experienced then filter option gives great help for better images. Filter made the things easy to change its brightness, colors, sharpness etc. There are many filter option is available in photo editing tools.¬†Filters also have the benefit of covering up lighter blemishes, so they are quite popular among people. Candy Camera’s filters function in real-time, meaning you can see how the picture will look with the filter before you take it.

Candy Camera’s beauty functions can help to perfect your photos with tools like teeth whitening, concealer and face slimming option that makes your photos more beautiful. After all, the hottest celebrities go so far as to use Photoshop, so why can’t you give your own photos a little boost? You can even use the beauty tools to put makeup like blush and lipstick on. Perhaps the lighting in the room you took the photo in didn’t show off your luscious lashes. Don’t worry, Candy Camera has covered this function also. Simply add more mascara into the photo, and it’s all fixed.

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Stickers are another feature that is quite popular nowadays among users. If you’re the cheeky type, you may want to add a mustache to your selfie, or perhaps you want to dot the photo with hearts and other stickers. A lot of the stickers you will get to fit in with your photos. A vacation photo in Mali can be framed with sunglasses or cute flip flops. The possibilities are endless! No matter where you take a selfie, Candy Camera’s silent mode has you covered this also. Nothing more embarrassing than the loud click of a phone camera when you’re in a quiet place like a fine dining restaurant or bat. With silent mode, you’re as stealthy as a selfie-taking ninja.

When you are all done with retouching your photo, you can choose to leave it as is or put it in a collage. Candy Camera makes it super easy to put several photos into a collage to remember all the fun times you had in past. The app has many different grid styles to suit your preferences and does not take long at all to put the collage together. You’ll have a blast taking pictures with friends and family and adding your own special touch to each photo.

Concise Thought:

I’m summering the all features of candy camera app here. Candy camera photography app consisting many features at single place which makes your photo more beautiful and pretty. Teeth whitening effect is really awesome. It’s mascara option gives you large opportunity to put additional beauty on your photos. So download candy camera app to your smartphone today and make your photos much pretty.


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