LED lights are most trending and popular lights of today’s world. Light- emitting diode (LED) is the amazing and cost-efficient way of lighting. According to rules and regulation to terminate the production of luminous bulbs other options developed like compact fluorescent light(CFL). No doubt they are more efficient than those incandescent bulbs.

Top 10 LED Lights Under Budget

LED Lights

CFLs contains mercury and takes the time to shine at their brightest. So innovation takes place, i.e., LED. However, it does not contain any harmful elements like mercury and can shine even better than CFLs. These bulbs are very proficient as it consumes less power. So today you will see top 10 best LED lights and discover your choice here.

  1. G7 LED

This is a fantastic light that one can have. G7 LED got the infinite reviews and won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. This bulb arrives with luscious features and excellent design. It is undoubted, apropos for every lighting function of your house. It totally made with an unusual pattern go with your decor and make it more fabulous. It performs very well in every place and the room of your lovely home. G7 LED can easily work more than 20 years and easily covers the warranty of 10 years.

  1. U-NE K4

U-NE K4 is another attractive model of LED world having very high property and phenomenal features. It gives you best performance without much costing. It is well designed to fit in any place or the room big or small it doesn’t matter. It will live for quite a long duration and very energy efficient and soothing for eyes. This light does not contain any harmful radiations and will not irritate your eyes.


If you are quite economical, then this is the best option for you. NGP LED is specially designed to suit the economic needs of every user and uniquely conceived in a modern way. This is a cost saving and energy efficient LED that will work economically. It comes with the attractive price tag and offers you the duration of more than 50,000 hours. You should go for this model once.

  1. Philips 453340

Philips is a well-known brand for its high quality and performance, and this is the only reason it is the top choice of many users for long. Therefore it makes the Philips 453340 the best model of 2016. It is available on very pleasing price and easily accessible online. It is peculiarly durable as it for as long as 22 years and eight months, and it is proven too. And the best part is it offers you three levels of brightness so that consumer can easily adjust their comfort level.

  1. The Hyperikon LED

What makes the better then availability of 4 packs at an incredible pricing. Yes, this is the best LED bulb to buy that offers you four packages with affordable price tag. These bulbs are specially designed to perform every light function that your home may require. Impressively it is very power efficient and saves your energy as well as cost. It can perform at least 45000 hours which is quite durable and impressive.

  1. G7 power

This is the bulb which suits all your lighting needs. G7 is the very great bulb and easily can go with your big small or any type of room, which makes this the best light for your home and office requirement. This bulb contains the lighting capacity of 10 watts, and produces lit, i.e., quite friendly to the needs of the consumers, and causes no harm to your eyes. Not only this the company offers you 10 years warranty, and this makes G7 power top 10 LED bulb of 2016.

  1. Hyperikon T8

This is another top model of this year 2016. The length of the bulb is 4 foot and contains the capacity power of 18  watts. The design of Hyperikon T8 is indisputable stunning having highly innovative features that are safe and gives fantastic lighting to your home and office. This bulb backing with an amazing price tag and therefore you should opt for this once. I am sure you will definitely like this. Moreover, it can consistently run for almost 45,000 years and therefore there is no doubt on its durability.

  1. Taotronics

Taotronics bulbs come with remarkable features and lighting which are properly suitable for your home and office lighting. This bulb has ABS lamp head which is made up of very high-quality aluminium. This lamp’s design is portentous tempered glass and control panel. Further, the lit produced by this bulb is very eye friendly and causes no damage to your health.

  1. Bonlux Screw

Bonlux screw provides fantastic lighting and warmth which uses as little power as possible. This bulb is highly efficient and admirably cost effective. This bulb can lighten every type of room. Again it is power saving and can serve you light for the long duration. It can be your finest choice if you want a LED for home and office.

  1. Beme International

This is one of different curtain rods, which is highly rated this year. It is quite durable and lasts for an extended period. It gave quite surprising result and made up of very high-quality material. It offers you power and costs saving options and comes up with amazing designs that go with your decor.

So here is my article about the top 10 LED bulbs hope it will help you and comment below to share your experience and query.


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