The past ten years saw a great change in the technology world. Devices especially Phones became smart, many new inventions were made, and it is, without a doubt, a very good time to live in. Things such as Android, touch screens became immensely popular and gained users quickly.

Everyone expected Android wear to be such a thing, except that it didn’t. When it was announced at the Google I/O of 2014, people expected it to bring a change in the watch form-factor, just like Android did to mobile phones. The ridiculous price was one of the major causes for this, and these android wear devices are being sold at the cost of a decent smartphone, and only the upper class can afford them as of now. Another factor will be that the things that such a small screen can accomplish are limited. People are still satisfied with a regular watch and can live without controlling the music using their watch to change the music track.

Nevertheless, a lot of top developers has already made an android wear versions of their apps bringing many functions to the android wear device. As of now, more than 4000 Android Wear apps exist in the Google PlayStore, and you can identify them by the small watch icon in the app page.


Here I give you 5 of the best apps for android wear as of now.

  1. Runtastic Running & Fitness
    Since the android wear devices are worn on the wrist just like fitness bands, they can do the job of tracking your health too. Runtastic has a great Android app with a lot of useful features. The Google Fit app is, in fact, necessary for ordinary tracking. Get Runtastic if you want more. Using the app on your android wear device, you can start, end, pause, resume a run and see the results and other data after every run.
  2. PixtoCam for Android Wear
    PixtoCam for Android Wear makes your android wear device into a viewfinder for your smart phone’s camera.

    What this means is that you can get your camera’s output to your smartwatch. The applications are endless. It can be used to watch your baby, it can be used to spy on someone, it can be used to look into places you are not supposed to look at, the sky’s the limit.

    PixtoCam is capable of recording even when the device is locked. The app has features to switch between the front and back cameras, zoom in or out, toggle the LED On or Off and then there are voice commands.

    PixtoCam is a paid app but is worth every penny.
  3. Papercraft

    We have all used our Android device at one point to play games. The large touch screens combined with the gravity sensor and the impressive processing speeds make an android device ideal for gaming.

    In spite of the ridiculously small screen size and little processing power, games also found its way to the Android wear. Not many games exist, though since there aren’t that many ways to interact with the device.

    Papercraft is one game that you can enjoy on the android wear. It is a simple game. A shooting match, without much rings and bells. Shoot to kill the bad guys, which are small dots.

    Not much, but something is better than nothing.
  4. CloudPlayer
    All of us use our Android device to listen to songs and the arrival of Android Wear just made it all easier. Cloud player is one of the top music player apps available for the android wear.

    It is a great music app with a lot of features, and the main one is that it is cloud connected. You could listen to music that is stored offline on your phone and online on your cloud drives.

    The android wear app lets you change track, pause, resume, change volume, etc.
  5. Wear Audio Recorder
    As the name suggests, this is a simple audio recorder for the android wear devices. It is free, and need to be installed on the smartphone. The UI has a material design and is quick.


In this post, we have talked in depth about 5 of the Best apps for android wear which you can download on 2017. Do go through these apps and comment your views about them. Also tell us about any app that deserves to be on this list.

In the meantime, check out an app called vid mate. Vidmate is not android wear compatible as of now, but we thought it was best to mention it here. Vidmate is a small, free app; that is capable of doing wonders. Using it, one can easily download premium content from websites in the likes of youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc. It is possible to download vidmate app from here. Try it and let us know.


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