An organization is a set-up comprises of various departments to maintain the functionality in an efficient manner. The departments are mostly categorized by their functions such as administration, marketing, human resources and sales.Among all the other departments, Human Resources (HR) department is highly responsible for the recruitment of employees, firing employees, maintaining payroll, providing productive strategies and more. This department aims to assist the company in a constructive path and ensured that the company vision, mission, principles and other factors are leading to the development of the enterprise.

Mobile apps in Human Resources department

According to a research, this new technological companies are developing mobile apps, which will take the place of performance evaluation. Performance appraisals are the evaluation of the performance of employees and to understand the capability of a person for their growth and development.

Some of the enterprise mobile apps are used by the companies to recruit employees, progress and activate them. In 2014, it was predicted that the 70% of Forbes listed 2000 companies will use any one of the apps with gamification concept. Gamification technique is to encourage the people to attain their goal by using gaming mechanics. Apps which use this technique are termed as “gamified” app.

As per the results of the study, it shows that the gamified app can improve learning, involvement and provocation. So, in the upcoming years, it can be observed that these apps will be used by many companies.

Need of mobile apps in HR technology

Companies are now replacing their on-premises software with cloud based alternative. These smartphone apps will help the company to find the involvement of worker and to attain a good work-life balance for them. Larger companies had already replaced their HR systems with cloud platforms, which operated by larger suppliers like Oracle, IBM and Workday. Some medium-sized companies are getting cloud HR and payroll services from smaller suppliers.

Today most of the companies are preferred cloud than HR systems for their premises. The HR technology industry has remolded into an inventive company, which will produce mobile apps for HR technology. These apps will be designed in a matter that the efficiency of this must exceed the efficiency of existing HR systems.

HR recruitment apps

Human Resource department using mobile apps for two main purposes, there are recruiting and training of the employees. Some of the industries used HR recruitment apps for recruiting their staffs and it also attained a positive result. The lists of few companies which used the technique for the selection process and achieved remarkable outputs were given below.

  1. Uber’s attempt

Uber is an online worldwide taxi hailing company which provides its service through a mobile app. It is active across the world, which almost covers fifty eight countries and three hundred cities. Uber created an app to help their drivers in order to measure their abilities and also to increase their self-confidence.

  • UberDRIVE

In San Francisco, UberDRIVE app asks drivers to take passengers to their destinations. Any user can became an Uber driver by sign up into the app directly. If this launch was successful, then Uber planned to expand this app to other cities.

  1. Marriott

One of the most leading hospitality companies is Marriott International, which experts in hotels and lodging facilities. They possess above four thousand properties in over 80 countries. The company wants to widen their business outside the America and it wants to attract young manpower to their hospitality company.

  • My Marriott Hotel

Marriott developed an app in Facebook, which was an online game named ‘My Marriott Hotel’. This app provides a virtual kitchen and makes the users as kitchen managers of that virtual hotel’s kitchen. My Marriott Hotel helps the users to familiarize with the field and it also encourages them with rewards. This app achieved a great success, so the company has created another game called Xplor, which is also used to attract many youngsters to make career in this sector.

  1. S Department of Defense

The defense department in the U.S has a huge experience of using gaming techniques for selection and training process for their staffs.

The department needed to design the military aircraft for the next generation with the help of succeeding builders, engineers, mathematicians and scientists. For this purpose, they need a game to select the appropriate workforce.

  • Make it fly

It was an app which makes the users to develop their own aircrafts and also add some tasks with an objective. Based on their mission, user must pick the correct parts for the aircraft. The game was a serious one and it applies factual physics theory, which was very challenging for the users. This game was mainly used to help the users to analyze about their own skills and their capacity to serve in the U.S Air force. This game attained a huge success, which evokes the defense department to release more games for its military purposes.

HR apps for training process

Human Resources software can be used to train the workers for their development and also to increase their skills. These types of apps were used by some of the enterprises which were listed below.

  1. Training app in The Tech Partnership

The Tech Partnership is a company in the United Kingdom, which targets to check the digital skills of the workers. The organization needs to make sure that the workers must have the essential knowledge in digital concepts to survive in the international economy.

The Tech Partnership designed an app consists of quizzes and videos to measure the skills of the users. This app also provides points and brooches which is one of the features of gamification technique. It also follows the user’s performance and provides their results in visually charming charts.

  1. Deloitte

Deloitte is an UK incorporated organization which provides professional services such as tax, audit, enterprise risk, consultation, financial advices and more. It offers employment to 200,000 members in above 150 countries across the world.

  • Training app of Deloitte

Deloitte wanted to attract and motivate the participants to the company, so it developed online training programme. It made a partnership with badgeville to create the gamified learning programme and it also introduced the method of rewarding the participants with badges, leader boards and operations. This can be accessed in mobile devices and also available in online. This game has been attained a great success and it was estimated that it consists of more than 20,000 participants since its establishment.

Advantages of using mobile apps in HR process

  • Mobile learning tools helps both the employer and employees to achieve their goal in a successful manner.
  • Applications which help the employees to adjust their work-life in a better way and maintain their health. This uniqueness of these applications was attracted by many employees.
  • Organizations are moving towards the mobile apps to replace the traditional annual assessment, feedback and discussions with the management. These applications allow the employees and managers to receive and give an immediate feedback to their officials.
  • Many business professionals are using mobile tools to calculate the customs of their business.


HR mobile apps provide an excellent way to select and train the workers. Both the recruiting and training apps are highly beneficial to both the parties.

The potential employees can use recruitment apps to check and evaluate their abilities and skills in their field. It also gives them a confidence to apply for the job and also make them to familiarize with the role.

Training apps will encourage the existing employees to increase their knowledge and to work with more efficiency.

Hence, mobile apps already began to expand their services in many sectors and it will also have a great future in the recruitment and training process.


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