Just for the information for many people ads are the basic lifeline to survive and come over their daily needs. Installing an ad blocker is you are indirectly troubling the earning of those hard working people. So I suggest its good to avoid installing this app. And those ads give you good and interesting information.

NOTE: Install ad blocker at your own risk it may affect the functionality of the websites.

5 Best Adblocker Apps for Android

The fact about ads is they help the publishers and give you information on various interesting topics but yes some times it is irritating to get notified of useless ads.

So here we go with best ad blocker apps to android to get rid of the ads which annoys you

ADblock Browser for Android

This is an popular ad blocker app which you can download in google play store. This app lets you browse internet without the popup notifications of the ads. It also gives you the good experience in the web and loads the web pages faster and avoid malware interruptions. The great thing of this app is it is very user friendly as it gives the full control to the users so that he can blocks the ads in which particular field he don’t want to. If you cant get this app in play store you can download adblock plus apk file.

NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite

This app is free to download from google play store. This app supports all the android devices it is very user friendly as your android device may not be rooted as the name of the app itself says noroot ad-remover where your android device may not be rooted but still the app runs well. In this app you can block use 2 apps to block the adds if in addition you want to block you have to purchase Noroot ad-remover pro for “$3.99”.

TrustGo Ad Detector

If you are worried about the mobile networks collecting the personal data from your mobile then this app can make you feel free this app scans and protects your mobile from privacy policies and it identifies if the data is leaked this app is safe to use. This is different type of ad blocker than the others but it keeps your android device safe,

AppBrain  Ad Detector

This is an app similar to TrustGo Detector. This AppBrain Ad Detector app which avoids the app from ads which annoys you when you are surfing in internet. This app also restricts to leak your personal information to the third parties. This app also notifies you which app has permission to access your account. The appbrain ad detector looks for 70 different dimensions, and this is one of the best app which can keep your device safe.

Ad-Vanish Pro

This app iss free to download. This app is similar to the NoRoot Ad-Remover. This app supports all android devices. The phone may not be rooted this app runs good in the devices which is not rooted. This app has lite version.

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So, Here are the list of 5 Best Adblocker Apps for Android, go through the list and use them and block unwanted & irritating ads. If you wish to add some more to this list, please express them through comments. Share the article on social networking sites.


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