Niche website selection the most tough thing I ever faced. For every newbie bloggers selection of niche website is really very confusing. Every one think that, How to select a niche website, What should be my niche categories, How to write article for my niche websites? All the above question comes in mind regularly before choosing any niches for your starting website.

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How to Choose a Niche Website?

Yeah !! Really interesting !! This question always strike in the mind of every newbie bloggers. Before starting blogging career I must be known to on which topic I’m going to write. For that many motivation factors comes in to existence. For example Huge Money factor, Your Interest, Popularity, Social development etc.

Money Factor:

Yes !! Every¬†person wants money, Some of them want huge money. This is most effective motivation factor to start any work. This should be. For those peoples who wants only money through blogging I’ll give you best keyword idea for high paying niche.

So you decided to make Millions of Dollar through blogging, it’s good. Your dream come true but for that Hard work required. Definitely without hard work money can’t be credited in your account.

Following are some high paying Niches for Adsense:

  • Loans
  • Technology
  • Lawyers
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • SEO
  • Relationship
  • Fashion
  • Celebrities
  • How to blog
  • Social Media


Your Interest:

Now think you love to do your work and for that you get paid. Amazing ! This is most motivational factor for start your blogging career. Suppose you love to play Basketball then definitely you have done research about Basketball. For example Rules of Basketball, Fouls in Basketball, How to drills, How to take long shout, How to take laps, Best Basketball shoes that gives you comfort etc. Now you only have to write some articles regularly on the different topics of basketball.

I think your interest is most motivational factor to start a new blog. Because you can give your best in that particular field. I’m telling you how I started my blogging career?

How I started my Blogging?

In the month of February 2015 I was started my first blog of Poetry because I love poetry. At that time I was only interested to publish my poetry on any platform. I’v did many research to develop any website. (.com extension always attract me towards blogging). I have bought a domain from Bigrock worth Rs.99 and with help of my friend I redirected it through my blogger platform. Now it’s time to publish article over there.

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I had publish 20+ article on my blog. At that time I was unaware about SEO because I never think about money. Now I think that why not people searches in google ” Hindi Poems” and they comes to my site. For that I research about SEO. One of my friend already doing blogging. I take his help & still I’m taking.

He told me you should keep patient. One day your poem will definitely rank in top pages of google because your content is original and google loves original content.

On September one of my poetry was ranking on top of google. At that time I placed Google Adsense on my blog and I make 200$$ from single article. After that I focused on money making through blogging.

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So moving towards article i.e High CPC keywords to choose a niche.

Here I have tabulated some high paying niches website ideas that help you to select your niche site.

NichesSearch VolumeCompetitionClickbank AffiliatesAmazon Affiliates
Men's Health550000HighAvailableAvailable
Weight Loss201000HighAvailableAvailable
Women's Health201000HighAvailableAvailable
Blood Pressure201000ModerateAvailableAvailable
How To Lose Weight Fast165000ModerateAvailableAvailable
Lawyer135000High CPC+CompetitionAvailableAvailable
How To Lose Belly Fat90500ModerateAvailableAvailable
Best Iphone 5 Cases74000HighAvailableAvailable
Dog Training60500ModerateAvailableAvailable
Best Headphones40500ModerateAvailableAvailable
Relationship Problems5400ModerateAvailabeAvailable



Enjoy! Do Hard work & make huge money.


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