Hi Readers!! Today I’m going to share you an article about Google Adsense Approval method. I hope you are already done many research about it because it is first online money making method for any blogger. In this article I’ll share how I get my Google Adsense approval within 3 hours. I not saying that your account will also be approve with in 3 hours but if you follow the below steps then it will definitely going to approve with in a week at max. So let’s start the tutorial.

How to get fast Google Adsense Approval

Google Adsense: One of most trusted and best earning platform for bloggers. Adsense converts your writing skill in to money. Every newbie as well professional  bloggers earns from Google Adsense. In India Adsense approval is little difficult because Adsense team is really strict about this service.

Today I’m going to share the best way of get Google Adsense approval. Hope this will help to newbie bloggers from India and worldwide bloggers also.


Adsense approval in 2-3days:

Before going to apply for Google Adsense please make sure you have followed these guidelines other wise there is huge chance to get rejection of your application. Adsense is high paying CPC (Cost Per Click ) platform.

Step by Step Google Adsense Approval Method:

Minimum Posts/Articles:
Before going to apply please make sure that you have enough quality post on your blog. There is no standard value of minimum post but 20 to 25 post will good.

Post Quality:
Make sure that you have all quality article. There should not any copyright content from other sites. Your images on blog should be optimized and there should not any copyright tag.

Post lengths:
700-800 words is considered as SEO optimize post so before applying Google Adsense make sure that you have SEO optimize posts.

Prohibited Website Niches:
As I already told you that Google Adsense team is really very strict so you should care before applying for Adsense. Your domain should not look like as event based or micro niche otherwise there is a chance of rejection.

No Third Party ads:
If you are running any third party ads like infolinks or other then your application might be rejected.

XML Sitemap:
Make sure you have submitted the sitemap of your website.

Alexa Rank:
If you have good alexa rank then chance of approval increases.

Domain and Email I.D:
As I already discussed above that your  domain name should not looks like as event blog or micro niche blog. Make sure that your email i.d should looks like professional. I recommend you to create new email i.d before applying for adsense.

Traffic to you blog:
You can easily understand that why any advertising network give you approval without traffic to your blog. Also without traffic Adsense account is useless. Make sure that you have enough fresh/unique visitors from search engine.

Before applying for Adsense make sure that your blog fulfill all above criteria. Don’t go for any shortcut tricks to get Adsense approval. If you have really good site design then definitely your application will be approved.


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