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Android Rooting Trick

How to Root any Android Phones/Devices without Computer/PC

How to Root any Android Phones/Devices without Computer/PC

In today’s tutorial I will tell you How to root your android phone without computer? . Before proceeding to Root your smartphone first check below what is rooting or why we should root the Android phone?
What is Rooting of android-

In today’s generation people are very fast and they always try to do some experiment on every field then why not on Android Smartphone? Whenever any manufacturer produce mobile phone then they give the android without rooting or in other sense we can say they give only partial control over the smartphone. For example if you buys a new Android smartphone then you can not delete the factory application. Say if you buy Samsung smartphone then you do not have control to uninstall Samsung Apps / Galaxy Apps. For that your smartphone must be rooted.
Rooting give the full control over the smartphone and some featured application also ask for rooting. By rooting warranty of your smartphones lost because it is against the policy of any manufacturer.
What is rooting, why should I root my android? such types of question that is daily search on online web. To answer these type of question I only say that if you want to full control over your smartphone or you love to do some experiment over it then go for it. In many way rooting of android is beneficial.

Some advantages of rooting are listed below –

Advantages of rooting

Custom Rom OS:

By rooting you can easily update your smartphone to latest android update by Custom ROM’s.

Custom Theme:

You can maintain your smartphone according to your choice because it provide an option to use custom theme on rooted android smartphones.

Speed and Battery:

After rooting you have freedom to uninstall any unusable apps/ unwanted apps from  your android phone that also improve the performance of smartphone because there will be lot’s of free RAM which was used before in the processing of that unwanted application. Because of this the battery life of your smartphone also increases.

Disadvantage of Rooting:

It includes some disadvantage of rooting also because every coin has two faces. I’m listing that disadvantage which are included in rooting.

Chances to Brick:
There is chance of Bricking of your smartphone also. Because in rooting we are dealing with the Kernal of android device.

Security is also another disadvantage of rooting because there is chance to attack malware included in any opensource apps.

All these are the basic overview on Rooting of Android Smartphone. Now we are moving to how to root android?

How to Root Android without Computer?

  • Before proceeding towards rooting make sure that your device is at least 80% charged. On many site it is mentioned this algebraic value but it is only for to ensure that if your saxophone goes to discharge then it will be damage.
  • You Should backed up all your data.
  • You have allowed the unknown resources in your security setting.{ Setting>> Security Setting>> Unknown Resources}

NOTE: We are not responsible for any breakage Or Damage of your Smartphone. 

Software to Root Android Device without PC/Computer:

FrameRoot is top most using Application to Root Any Android device which is not working on Kitkat, but it is working on most of all device that is lower than Kitkat.
You can download this Rooting Software from this link.

Follow some simple guidelines to root your android phone which are given by each rooting software.
#2 Z4ROOT:
This is another good software for android phones rooting. The advantage of this android rooting software is that it give good UI(User Interference ) and almost all smartphone are rooted by this Software. You can download Z4ROOT Android Rooting software by the link given below..
VROOT is a best android rooting software for android rooting. This softwarebesr works on Kitkat 4.4.0. In my case I have tried many of rooting software but finally I get succeed by VROOT software.
Download VROOT software directly by this given link.
KINGROOT is also a famous software for android smartphone rooting. This rooting software is similar to VROOT software with some minor updates. You can download KINGROOT apk download directly from below link.
How to check your Android is Rooted Or Not? For that you simply have to download a software from the given link. This will give you information about rooting.  [[ Download here ]]


  1. Hello dear admin please help me in rooting my lg optimus p500 ,if you know any app which work perfectly on my device share it with me,i also should check framaroot,kingoroot but none of them are supported by my phone ,please guide me sir if you have some time.


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