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How to increase Ram Of Android Phones/Device


In today’s cheap smartphones Ram ( Random Access Memory ) is an important issue because any mobile manufacturer can not give enough RAM is low budget. If you are addicted to playing Android Games and  low RAM makes a issue for you then Now You need not to worry about it. In this article we will give you full process to Increase RAM of your Android Mobile by SD Cards.

Best Way to add Ram to your Device

There are many ways, in which you can increase Ram of your Android Phone. Most Popular way is to use Roehsoft Ram Expander app for increase your Android Phone’s Ram. By this method you can increase the Ram of your android device. First let a look on what is Roehsoft Ram Expander.

Increase Android ram Using Roehsoft Ram Expander

Roehsoft Ram Expander is an Android app which allow you to expand the Ram of your Smartphone.The only issue with this App is that it is Available for Premium Mode Only. There is no option of free method or Beta version of this Android App.

Requirement before Expand Your RAM Memory Using SD Card:

  • You Must Have Rooted Your Smartphone.

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  • Memory card with Class 4 or Higher, class 6 or more memory card is recommended.
Now Proceeding to Step by Step Method to increase you RAM memory.

How to Increase Ram Using Roehsoft Ram Expander app

  • Launch ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER app & Grant Root Permissions to the app normally. Your Smartphone must be rooted otherwise it will show error.
  • Click on “Swap Activ” Button It will show you Some storage devices, you have to select your memory card from this list.  Select your memory card, proceed to next steps, after choosing your memory card, Now click on “Swap Activ” button again.
  • Follow on Screen Instructions for Create Swap file of your Choice, Minimum 512 Mb Swapping Memory Is Recommended. so, now it will start creating 512 mb swap file in your memory card. it will take some time, depend on your memory card’s performance.
  • Wait for few minute it will take some time to Create Swapping file.
  • After Create Swap File successfully, Click on “Swap Activ” Button.
  • Your RAM has been increased with your SD Card. Now you can enjoy high performance game on your smartphone.
Note: This is Swap Active Ram hence it will not show you in App Setting but your performance is increased now. 
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