Get Rs. 10,000 on Apple Smartwatch at Paytm

Apple Smartwatch Discount: The initial price of apple watch is INR. 30,900 and the price of Apple edition watch is about INR. 14,20,000. Now customer can get up to INR. 10,000 Cashback offer at PayTm shopping store. Paytm provides RS.7000 to RS.10000 cashback on Apple Smartwatch.

apple smartwatch discount

The price of 38mm variant smartwatch is RS.30,900 but now customer can buy it on INR. 23,900 by applying coupon code on PayTm store. ¬†Also there is RS. 9000 cashback offer available on 42mm variant Apple smartwatch on PayTm Store. Apart from this if any customer wants the stainless strip smartwatch then it’s price will be around RS.87,900 but by applying coupon it’s discounted price will be INR.77,900.

So let’s grab the discount.

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