How To Find Lost/Stolen Android Mobile Phone-
Hey buddies! Welcome to another valuable tutorial that help you to find your Lost/Stolen Android Smartphone. I hope that this tutorial will be very useful for those who lost their android mobile. In this tutorial I’ll guide you to How To Find Lost/Stolen Android Phone. You only need to perform some simple steps. There is many android apps available on Play store that helps you to find the location of your stolen smartphone but suppose you have not installed those app as normally people do.


How To Find Lost/Stolen Android Mobile Phone

Every Android phones come with Google paly installed. When you first access to Google play then Android Device Manager will get installed directly on your phone. Android Device manager is pre-installed app on every smartphone that remotely control you android device.

Steps to Find Lost/Stolen Smartphone

  • When you buy any new Android smartphone then make sure that you have activated you Android Device Manager ADM).
  • To activate ADM Go to Settings →Security → Device Administrators →Android device manager.
  • Once your Android Device Manager is activated then you can control your smartphone Remotely.
  • Suppose you have lost your Smartphone then you only need to go to Play Store and there will a gear like icon at right corner.
  • Click on gear button in the Play store and select Android Device Manager Option by scrolling it.
  • Now log in to your Google account which are logged in your stolen smartphone.
  • Once you log in there Android Device Manager shows the location of your lost smartphone in the Google Map. It will also show you the distance between your and that stolen smartphone.

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There you have three options:

  • RING: This option will ring your stolen smartphone for 5 minutes on full volume even in silent mode also. This will only not ring if it is Switched Off.
  • LOCK: This option will provide you to lock the remote Android Device which will ask to set a new password.
  • ERASE: This option will help you to erase your confidential data on remote device. Data will be deleted from internal memory only not from SD Card.
  • Once you select this Erase option then remote device will be factory reset and Android Device Manager will be OFF then you will have no further control over it.

Hope this article will help you to find your Lost/Stolen Android Smartphone. Share this article with other by which then can also find their Mobile phones.

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