How to use Cydia Application on iOS: Cydia application is one of those reason behind why you escape your iOS gadget. Individuals who regularly purchase jailbroken iPhone or iPad, they see Cydia application yet they never tried to investigate it. When I purchased an iPhone , 3 years back I had no clue about Jail-breaking and opening. Later on I found out about Cydia and installous and I trust this aide will be useful for beginners to figure out how to utilize Cydia.

Along these lines, before I push forward with this instructional exercise, I recommend you to check if your iOS gadget is jail-broken or not. In the event that, in the event that you are considering advantages of jailbreaking your iPhone, there are numerous and one of them is you will have the capacity to introduce numerous changes from Cydia, which will supercharge your iPhone and iPad. There are numerous changes which is not accessible from App store and Cydia clients can introduce those changes right away.

On the off chance that you are not certain your iPhone has Cydia or not, just hunt down Cydia in iPhone hunt or watch out down this lovely picture on the privilege. Tap on it and interestingly it will require investment to stack. You should be joined with Internet keeping in mind the end goal to utilize Cydia.

Cydia offers free changes as well as offer paid changes. I introduced and purchased couple of them such as Screen presentation recorder and My Wi. I will discuss Cydia account administration later however now, lets investigate the elements of Cydia.

How to Use Cydia App:

When you open Cydia, it will begin reloading and redesigns the Cydia sources. This might take little time contingent on your system speed. When, everything is stacked, your Cydia home screen will resemble this:

On the footer, you see 5 segments, which I will clarify it here:

Cydia app guide

  • Cydia: Homepage.
  • Sections : Browse changes in the particular areas.
  • Changes: New changes and any overhaul is accessible for already introduced changes is appeared here.
  • Manage: Add or uproot sources.
  • Search : And most usable pursuit highlight to discover any changes.

Presently, you will be requiring oversee account highlight just when you are purchasing any application from Cydia. However, for this instructional exercise purpose, lets keep it aside.

In this way, I will begin demonstrating to you each segment one by one and at last, will include a video which give you a demo of how to utilize Cydia and different areas, which I have clarified here.

How to use Cydia app sections:

Sections: This is part, where you will discover every one of the changes and subjects sorted specifically class. This makes scanning changes under one segment simpler. For instance, when you look for ring-tones, or hunt down topics on cydia.

Changes: This area fills two need. In the event that you have beforehand introduced changes from Cydia, it appears if there is any redesign accessible and it additionally demonstrates every single new change added to Cydia, date savvy. Along these lines, you can simply discover new Cydia changes when they are upgraded.

Manage Sections: Now, on the off chance that you are wanting to do numerous cool things with Cydia, you have to include numerous new sources. For instance, Installous or Sara can be introduced utilizing specific repo etc. Likewise, you can un-introduce prior introduced changes utilizing oversee area.

Searches: Do you truly believe, I’m going to clarify this?


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