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Aptoide – Google Play is surely the most favorite marketplace for downloading the coolest of android apps for your smartphone, but I heard there is a competition for the tech giant. The name of the app is aptoide. So you may have heard about the app or you ma not have herd about the app. The main thing is that you should definitely try the aptoide apk. Why? Well, I am not her to do fake marketing about anyone. I have made that point on the basis of some strong facts and figures which truly tells me to download aptoide for android and use it. Don’t you worry child, I will be sharing those facts and figures with you as well. just stay tune till the end of this amazing article. I hope, no, I am sure that you will surely love this app. So where shall I start from? Okay, lets get our basics first. Aptoide is a android marketplace for downloading the apps for your android powered smartphone. The current updates and maintenance is being done by the company named as CM Software. The application is being regularly updated with new updates. This is to help poor people like us to experience the best of the android apps. The android apps available on the aptoide apk are absolutely free. Unlike Google which has both paid and free apps in it Play Store. Aptoide is the gateway for downloading the apps, whether paid or free for free.


On aptoide marketplace you can set up your own store and upload your own android apps. This will take your development skills at a global scale and guess what, you can even get a call from a big company to develop apps for them. The concept of setting up your own store is only available when you download the aptoide apk in your device. While this is only available in its premium version, you can definitely pay that small price for your global marketing. Isn’t it?


The app can be downloaded by an installer known as the aptoide installer that can be accessed by clicking on the below link. You have to download the app from an external source because it is not available on the Google Play Store. This is because of the Non-contend statement of Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement. While even a child can gues why Google doesn’t want to host the aptoide apk. Who will host a competitors app? Am I right or am I wrong? Comment in the comment box below!


So this was all to tell you a little bit about the app. Let us now see how to download the app inside our android smartphone.


Aptoide apk download


Step 1


So, in order to download aptoide for android smart phone click here -> Install Aptoide

Here you will be getting various versions for the aptoide apk i.e aptoide lit, aptoide for smart tv etc. Choose the version for your smartphone and download the app.


Step 2


Installing the app is a different task. As I have already told you about the Non-contend statement of Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement, you will first need to make a quick change in your smartphone. Follow the below step for that.

Go to Settings -> Security -> Click “Unknown Resources” -> OK -> Download


Step 3

aptoide apk for android, you can open the aptoide marketplace in your android smartphone. Download the best of the apps ranging from games, utilities and so on. All the apps are available for free. You will find many apps her which are so unique that they are not even available on the Play Store also.
You can update the app anytime if you want to set up your own marketplace.



You may be using the Google Play Store till now but just install the aptoide apk in your device and use it once. You can use the app in more than 25 languages. A good news for people living in China and Russia, you too can install the aptoide apk. There is no restriction on using this app. So what are you waiting for guys? At least 65450 apps are waiting for you. Download them, use them and tell others about the aptoide app too.  Share your aptoide experience in the comment box below.




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